Those who have volunteered and/or worked at the school, get to give a speech to the entire campus.

This is what I said:

“All of you, each and every one of you, are talented. You all have something special to share. I am going to give you a few examples (At this point I jump off the stage and go into the audience):

Ntekaniwa (name of male student) – I don’t know you well – but I saw you rap last Saturday. You were amazing. I had never seen you full of so much energy and usually when I see you you’re pretty quiet, but you got on this stage and had the most energy and enthusiasm I’d ever seen (the 700+ audience applauds).

Riziki – the boy – you are a talented artist. I am blown away by your ability to draw. Anastazia – you are also a talented artist. And Julieth, Anastazia’s friend, you can play the didgeridoo at first go!

(I stand on a bench in the audience, so that all the students can see me. I’m short, so … )

Daudi – he’s so skinny! (Crowd laughs) – but he can work on a farm for 4 hours and not compain! (Crowd roars with laughter and is followed by a large applause)

(I continue to use names of students who are good at something, or who’s talent I have noticed)

I think you understand my point.

Each and every one of you are good at something. You have something to offer. And there are 3 things I want you to remember:

1) Believe in yourself. Believe that you are special, because what you are good at is what makes you YOU. (Applause from audience)

2) Find support. If you have an interest, I bet you’ll find people in this audience, in this school that also share that same interest. Use your friends, and find friends who want to do it with you.


3) Make support. Find and make people to support you. Your teachers, your peers, your headmaster and academic head. Make them support you.

Thank you.”

That was how I said goodbye.

People ask me all the time:

“Was it hard to say goodbye?”

“Yes and No,” I respond.


About hanakojustice

I want to experience the world, in all aspects from food to travel to friends and awkward experiences, through writing and comedy and art - appreciating nature, and trying to be healthy; inspiring individuals, and motivating - and most importantly: Living in the Present.

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    mambo vipi wanafunzi wa orkeeswa

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