Now that the Leadership Program students have visited the 2 organizations they are meant to help (see Introduction to Community Projects), they now have chosen which one they want to collaborate with and how.

The idea is for the students to come up with their own projects – a student-centered initiative, and communicate directly with the founders and workers within that organization.

This weekend – the students went to their respective organizations they chose (magically it divided perectly 50/50) to discuss initial ideas and seek approval.


Above, students are discussing with Francis their ideas for Save Africa: a fundraising event and teaching students English, songs, and dances.  They also mentioned they could help Francis build a shamba (garden), which the sold vegetables could bring in some profit for the organization. Lo and behold – he had his own land!


He also had about 30 X 10 meters of land which needed clearing, which we thought we could help out with at one-go.


Students helping Global Cycle Solutions (above) have a bit more formal structure, with the help of Bernard and Jodie.  They will design and create a product that will aid a community. The students decided to help Kiserian, a very low-income community in Arusha, and will be interviewing students from the region at St Judes.

Students are focusing on having SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Active, Realistic, and Timely) so that they can lay out a plan for these organizations, and make sure their goals can be achieved by the end of August (end of Term 2.)



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