As part of the Leadership Program, I am requiring students to give back to their communities. I believe students should first empower themselves, and then implement their skills into projects beyond themselves.

I connected with a few organizations over the December Break (see this post for background) and found two organizations I felt were feasible, different enough in choice, and had great potential for my students to be involved. Save Africa and Global Cycle Solutions.


Save Africa is an education center that focuses on giving an education to low income families.


Most are day scholars, but some board.



This is where the girls sleep – 4 share this one bed

Sister Eliza, who is now head of the girls boarding, joined our excursion to understand more on what our program does. She was absolutely delighted with the children, and they with her.


After a tour of the organization, the students had some time to play games with the students. It always touches my heart to see my kids become teachers =D



Next Up: Global Cycle Solutions


GCS is a business that aims to serve the community – selling creative and useful inventions for people to buy and start their own businesses.

Above, Bernard, shows students how he invented a drip irrigation system out of plastic tubing (a model he took from an Indian design.)  He sells one for 1,000 Tanzanian Shillings!! That’s about 62 cents. It probably covers 8 meters by 5 meters, but still!!

This means that local people can buy this and sell it for a much higher profit, or use it to help their farm and grow vegetables to sell.

The same concept applies to this juice maker you see below:


These pitchers have metal blades on the bottom – which then is hooked to the back of a bicycle. The person then bikes and makes JUICE!! Brilliant!!!

The kids were absolutely soaking up his inventions


A miniature burner made from the bottom of a coke can


A maize grinder – sold for only 3,000 shillings (almost $2)


The next step is for the students to decide which organization they want to assist so that they too can contribute to their communities. Will keep you posted!








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