It dawned on me late January one night, that one of the ways to make the Leadership Program sustainable = Student Teachers.

The best people to teach are the ones who’ve experienced what’s been taught, right?!




Nora – standing on the right

Miriam and Nora are two exceptional and lovely students (pictured above.) They are 2 out of the 5 we chose who could carry on this program. Our other students are also very capable!  But we chose these 5 to start due to their effort and work they put in last term.

So here we are – 2 students now teachers:


The warm up energizer included 2 of our students’ favorite games: Where The Wind Blows and Musical Chairs. Energizers are a great way to get the class up and about, allowing oxygen into the brain to keep them aware and focused.


Musical Chairs: A Worldwide Favorite

The next activity had students in groups – trying to figure out how to cross a  river full of crocodiles with a cardboard box and 1 long piece of tape.

Want to give it a guess?



Most teams cut up their cardboard boxes and used the tape to mold them into sandals – so creative!


However, one team, though they were the slowest to cross, used a different method:


One by one in a line, they used the cardboard pieces as stepping stones. The last person in the line picked up the cardboard piece behind, passed it to the front, and then each person stepped ahead one piece. I thought it was brilliant!

The reason I was so impressed – was I had absolutely NOTHING to do with the planning. It was completely up to my students to prepare, lead, and execute.  My job was to collect all their necessary materials.

I am a proud Mama. I realize this Leadership program has become my baby, and I am trying to let it go – leaving it in the hands of the next best successors: the ones I’ve taught. I am humbled to work with such fantastic and promising people.


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I want to experience the world, in all aspects from food to travel to friends and awkward experiences, through writing and comedy and art - appreciating nature, and trying to be healthy; inspiring individuals, and motivating - and most importantly: Living in the Present.

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