The Leadership Program 201 is going to begin soon!

201 stands for second phase, second level.  The idea is for the students to focus on planning a community service project that they will eventually implement.

My belief is that you cannot be a true leader if you do not know who you are first. So 101, which we started in July of 2012, focused a lot on personal development, personal stengths and self-awareness, as well as teambuilding.


Teambuilding Exercise:  Who Can Build the Tallest Tower?

Now that students have built more confidence and teamwork skills, they are ready to use their strengths in the community.

Part of my responsibility over the Christmas holiday was to scout for locations where they could potentially do projects.


This is Save Africa. It serves as a school for local children and orphans, as well as a place to stay for some of  those who have no home.


Francis, the manager – told me that roughly 3 children sleep on one bed – so that’s 12 in this one room pictured above.

At the moment there are two classrooms, which are pictured below:

SAM_5010 SAM_5011

There is no kitchen – behind their building is a small area where they use firewood to cook up and boil ugali and beans


Outdoor “Kitchen”


Boiling water on firewood to make ugali


Behind the Save Africa building


Some of the Save Africa children, ready to eat lunch

Francis, the manager who is pictured below – enjoyed showing me around. He was somewhat reserved in his demeanor, but warmed up and encouraged photo-taking.


Immediately he agreed when I told him about the potential for us to work together for the Leadership Program. He explained that my students could help tutor the kids, play games, and build a chicken coup. It was a successful connection.

As I walked from Save Africa to Usa town, I ran into this building:


The bright colors obviously make it stand out (and are Trinity colors!!)

The Usa River Social and Community Health Development and Education Centre (USCHDEC) – is exactly what it stands for. A small center for kids and parents, youth and the old – to come for medecine, school materials, and classes.

Ruby, the manager (sorry no pictures) – warmly invited me in. We held a meeting where he too, immediately agreed upon my students helping his. HIV positive children come to USCHDEC for classes, as well as adults who want to improve their English. He saw an opportunity for the Leadership students to help there, and if anyone had any gardening skills – to help set up a shamba (garden).

I’ve met with 7 people/organizations.  3 put in good input but couldn’t directly help, 1 has been a mentor,1 organization has potential but might not be the right fit, and 2 are leads.

It’s not easy. Creating something never is. But all I can say is, where there is a will there is a way. So far, I’m pretty content where things are heading.


About hanakojustice

I want to experience the world, in all aspects from food to travel to friends and awkward experiences, through writing and comedy and art - appreciating nature, and trying to be healthy; inspiring individuals, and motivating - and most importantly: Living in the Present.

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  1. Krupa says:

    Wow Hana, these are some really interesting organizations and leads! I’m excited to see where this is going. Have your student shown interest in doing certain things/working with certain types of organizations? Can’t wait to read more!!

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