Yesterday, 78 of our students travelled to Sekina, a village about 40 minutes away from Usa. There, we competed against an all boys boarding school called Trust St. Patrick’s.

Their dormitories were high – 6 stories! Something I wasn’t used to seeing – considering the highest level at St. Jude’s is 3. I have to admit I was impressed with these structures.

Just for some more background: Trust St. Patricks is a private institution, where all the boy’s families pay for their child’s tuition. So it is considered to be an option for the wealthy. There is also a primary school attached, where young little boys also board.

We competed in three sports: Volleyball, Basketball, and Soccer.

In Volleyball, our team was “co-ed” and had 2 girls play. The “rules” are very different – students are allowed to kick, and rotations do not occur regularly or within standards. Though St. Patrick’s won 2 sets, it was a good game to watch our students do their best all the way through.

St. Patrick’s basketball court, first off, has an AMAZING view of Mt. Meru!

St. Jude’s in Blue

However, their court is incredibly slippery! With shoes on it was as if you could ice skate. Our boys played really hard. Although they lost, they pushed through to the very end, determined to get as many hoops in as possible.

St. Jude’s in yellow

Our soccer boys, ages 15 and under (somewhat equivalent to JV) – had a fantastic game. We won by 1-0, and I can tell you that the foot skills these kids have acquired naturally is pretty incredible. I wasn’t able to watch the whole game because basketball went on at the same time – but I know they were proud because of how often they play recreationally at school, and it was their time to shine.

Well done to our students who put in their best efforts.

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I want to experience the world, in all aspects from food to travel to friends and awkward experiences, through writing and comedy and art - appreciating nature, and trying to be healthy; inspiring individuals, and motivating - and most importantly: Living in the Present.

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